Bulldog Puppy Watch – Day 97

We are elated to share with you our Bulldog puppy cam!

Our girl, Norah (Pup Pup), gave birth via C-section to seven Bulldogs (four boys, three girls) on Friday, Sept. 29. Their weights ranged from 10 to nearly 16 ounces.

Some background on us: We have been immersed in the breed for nearly two decades. But even with that experience, we always tell people: you learn something about this breed Every. Single. Day.

Breeding Bulldogs is not for the faint of heart. Talk about an emotional roller coaster! We’re so grateful to have a number of awesome Bulldog experts and mentors in our inner circle to help guide us.

While the puppies may look healthy, the mortality rate is rather high, so we always have to be cautious. The pups are currently in an incubator-like environment to control the temperature and we help manage the regular feedings and interactions with the momma to ensure their safety.

We did not breed simply to “have puppies” or to “make money.” You don’t make money in this breed ~ that is, if you’re ethical and responsible. We bred to help better the breed and aimed for the Bulldog Standard.

Our momma dog earned her AKC championship title and we selected champion sires who also have proven themselves in the ring time and time again. These sires’ pedigrees were studied and selected to best balance our dam’s attributes prior to the insemination.

These puppies are not available for sale at this time. Our simple hope is that they thrive and we’ll go from there. After a rather long break in the show ring, we hope we’ll be able to jump back in with one of these kids and have some fun!

If you are wanting to buy a puppy, we’d encourage you to review the Bulldog Club Of America Breeder Referral Program. You can find that info here: http://www.bulldogclubofamerica.org/bca.aspx?id=188

We also are active in and wholeheartedly support Bulldog rescue and would encourage you to investigate rescue options in your area. To learn more, check out the national organization: rescuebulldogs.org.

Please message us if you would like more information.

Thanks and enjoy the baby watch!


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